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Besides breeding and show we share a passion for Endurance. Michelle started riding endurance in 2010 with her first horse. Huub is always there as crew. 

In the past 10 years Michelle rode 15 different horses in Endurance rides on national and international level. Some trained by us and some for others to qualify them. Since 2013 all her results are without eliminations on lame or metabolic. She is qualified for the highest national level and CEI***. She is also selected for the Dutch national team and is qualified for the European Championships with Czartowczyk.

We have three hores in training for Endurance at the moment: Czartowczyk (CEI***, Maciwoda x Cewa), DR Bahirah (CEI**, TM Shamaan x Baba) and Mohamedia (Ontario HF x Malmazja). Epilogia is in training and we hope she can start her first races in 2021. 

Contact us for our training conditions. 

Best results:

- CEI*** 160 Arezzo 2021 with Czartowczyk, 10th place

- CEI*** 160 Ermelo 2020 with Czartowczyk, 20th place, best Dutch combination

- CEI* 80 Euston Park 2019 with Czartowczyk, 20th place, 19,2 km/h 

- CEI** 120 Prestige Cup Chantilly 2019 with Czartowczyk, 17,5 km/h

- CEI** 120 Ermelo 2019 with Czartowczyk, 13th place, 17,3 km/h and 2nd Dutch combination

- CEI* 80 Euston Park 2018 with DR Bahirah, 33rd place, 18,0 km/h, best Dutch combination

- CEN 82 km 2020 with Czartowczyk, 3rd place

- CEN 111 km 2-day 2019 with Czartowczyk, 1st place and best condition

- CEN 42 km 2019 with DR Bahirah, 2nd place

- CEN 25 km 2018 with Forelock's Youel, 3rd place

- CEN 61 km 2018 with Ghadir V, 3rd place

- CEN 58 km 2016 with Vodolei Khan 2nd place

- CEN 83 km 2016 with Rasheem VH 1st place and best condition

- CEN 62 km 2016 with Gerda's Papiet, 3rd place

-CEN 45 km 2016 with Czartowczyk, 1st place

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