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Sales list

Sometimes we offer horses for sale for our friends and maybe in the future also our home bred horses. We have a much bigger list of sales horses, but some horses are not publicly for sale or are exclusive deals. 

If you are interested in one of the horses below or the private list, contact us for mor information and prices. Do you want to offer your horse? Contact us for our conditions.

Medika K

Treschique Kossack

Dahess x Tianna (Dormane)

Treschique is mare born in 2015 bred at the Kossack Stud. She is ridden and is 1.60m tall. In her pedigree are famous names like Dahess, Dormane and Amer, that performed well on the racetrack. 

She is now in foal for 2021 and will be sold without her foal. Located in The Netherlands

Maestro Peretz MP

Maestro Peretz
Maestro des Alpes x Margaux des Alpes

Maestro is a 2018 colt. He is easy to handle and has correct gaits. In 2020 he has been shown. He will be interesting for endurance and show. 

Maestro is located in the Czech Republic. Transport can be arranged in all of Europe.


Kosmo van Orchid's x Chèr (Condor ox)

Part-bred arab Karson was sold to the Netherlands. 

Kaz'zar Dorogoy

Joarah Zaraar x Priskazka (Kingsize)

Kaz'zar is sold to The Netherlands with the help of Molenheide Arabians. 

He will be started in dressage competitions. 

Peoraca .Z. 

A.F. Acapulco x Peora (Andoy)

Peoraca is sold to The Netherlands.


We congratulate seller and buyer and we hope to see her with her new rider in endurance!

Medika K

Medika K
SL Aladeed x Medea (Maikopchik)

Medika is a mare born in 2019. She will be interesting for endurance in the future. 

She is reasonable priced and is located in the Czech Republic. 


Marwan x Kiaraa (Diament du Rolon)

Manipi is born in 2017 and is a gelding of 1.53m tall. His bloodlines make him very suitable for endurance. He is strong built and grew up in the hills. 

Manipi is located at Molenheide Arabians where he will be started under saddle. 

Bay'azk Dorogoy

Bayard V.S. x Priskazka (Kingsize)

Bay'azk is sold to The Netherlands and will be started in endurance in the future. 

FA Sinbad

FA Sinbad
Wahaj Albidayer x Puncja (Pesal)

Sinbad is sold to The Netherlands!

We will see him in future endurance competitions.


Gusar Kahn x Fiësta 

Gazal is born in 2014 and has a height of 1.53. He is a gelding with high percentage Arabian blood. He is well ridden and knows dressage, jumping and endurance. He can be a very interesting sports horse or allrounder. 

Gazal is located in Belgium.


Towaresh x Kiaraa (Diament du Rolon)

Thorin is born in 2020 and is the half brother of Manipi. He also has proven bloodlines for endurance. 

Thorin is growing up in the hills in Luxemburg, where his mother is also visible. 


IBN Ikhnaton x Jadila (JK Omar)

Muliki was sold to The Netherlands and will make his new owner very happy on outdoor rides. 

FA Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver
Haash OSB x Dorsenia Kabsztad

Sterling was sold to The Netherlands.

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